Tuesday, March 7, 2017

whats the difference between a dear & a deer

today i saw what happens
when i give unrequited blood

i'm casually calling a hitman
on myself

u loved me as
a crutch

a pint on the house
& almost died a hero
not knowingly

my pump is an octopus
on its last leg

earth worms, salamanders, chinchillas
& i follow starfish our mentor in autotomy
hoping to find a magic shed in bethlehem

my bourgeois blood 
doesn’t believe in god anymore
it clots away from the mission
& my gonads

i don’t waste time with none believers
so i stop, drop & rollover, hollow my insides
furnish the mediterranean streets
with all my blood 

i drive donuts through my 1.5 gallon
infront of the church of nativity 

deers don’t kill deers

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