Wednesday, February 22, 2017

my slits are sealed because rainfall is the more powerful erosion force

the song 
i sang too many times
is peeled and squeezed empty
forsaken of shoulder
science calls it desiccated

my AM breath belongs here
beneath this random public bench
with this tasteless gum, the once custodian
of our potluck'd cunnilingus & kisses

i should inform you that
every time my lips pressed an x on your nude skin
i did it like it was journalism, commissioned by lonely planet
& that i was just marking all my fave spots
on your beefcakes

thats all
i did 

☽ ☼ $$$ ☼ ☾my best☽ ☼ $$$ ☼ ☾

but my efforts 

my production

x vs O
u were always one step ahead 
x vs O
like calling your shots from a tomorrow
i didn't know about

i-the grid gentrified
by your pencil'd noughts

i kissed away bulk persistently like lost cat
posters thumb tacked all the way to your piggy toes

you said “my pussy isn’t lost
it's getting pounded elsewhere" 

u gave me back my rods & cones
just so that i could watch u
trace our story arc
into a fully closed 

endless with cul-de-sac

u could say that
my death sentence
was a fat bowl of cheerios

cheerios won
kisses zero'd

tic tac toe

tic tac toe

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