Tuesday, March 7, 2017

whats the difference between a dear & a deer

today i saw what happens
when i give unrequited blood

i'm casually calling a hitman
on myself

u loved me as
a crutch

a pint on the house
& almost died a hero
not knowingly

my pump is an octopus
on its last leg

earth worms, salamanders, chinchillas
& i follow starfish our mentor in autotomy
hoping to find a magic shed in bethlehem

my bourgeois blood 
doesn’t believe in god anymore
it clots away from the mission
& my gonads

i don’t waste time with none believers
so i stop, drop & rollover, hollow my insides
furnish the mediterranean streets
with all my blood 

i drive donuts through my 1.5 gallon
infront of the church of nativity 

deers don’t kill deers

Saturday, March 4, 2017

we had our own

don’t be alarmed

nothing is in danger
but your immortality
furnishing my nostalgia

it was a long term suicide
like playing checkers with guns
waiting for one of them to be crowned my queen

floating within the body & beyond 
an animal within an animal
lies erratic
the flanks 
of a women
& me

was that
   there before


before you flatter yourself

remember this 
                      fuck u.

you are reading my poetry way to fast

yr tits down

Thursday, March 2, 2017

the poet is lost for words when it’s not even poetry to say that u’ve killed me


u gave me goggles 
that make everywomen 
look like an animal farm windmill 
on my mini put put course

the false promise of
a better life

yr dirty projections
make me sick in a way
i guarantee will produce 
0 dry heaving

i’m gonna ask myself out 

my body
got a substitute
to play that stupid movie where
an eagle & a snake are friends

the sub openly called 

& the light switched
from ↓

turned on 


fuck off

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

low tides means you have more beach to walk on

my heart is evolving 
from a fortune cookie to a coconut

evermore so when i remember that one time
everything u ever said turned into margarine

it looked — for a solid minute --- like i found waldo
turned out it was just another prisoner hunched over a
candy cane

at this 
precise moment 
buddha dug out
his fleshlight from under the fig tree
& came to enlightenment 

as he was exiting the public toilet siddhartha said this to me
"i am leaving space in this wall for you to write something"

i walked into the stall
& the only message in there read

"die my heart & hope que tu't cross



i constructed the labyrinth so cunningly that google maps just told me “sorry bro"

i used to think you were a-maaaze
& then i stabbed the minotaur

a beast = half-bull half-shit-ass-mother-fucker
devouring humans for sustenance
-right in the throat-

i never had to ask my dad if he got shot
& neither will my children
(antipodal reasons)

my kids
will read me 
restlessly deliver one thousand bitches 
to the bank - converting my religion into currency

then i’ll get
a husky slut from dog island
to scare the mailman away before i get the privelege 
of ignoring your foreclosure

Monday, February 27, 2017

yoooooooooo NORTH LOVE


i don’t want cavities per say
but i don’t want another reason to brush my teeth

then again maybe

life is a murder mystery novel
whose detectives crack down to single out
the champion, the one who can murder your little heart
the most

i have a picture of my #1 suspect (2nd degree murderer)
in an underground cellar concealed in an envelope
that i show no one

i wake up before the city
head to the cellar unfollowed not by the slightest tweet of vermin
& barefooted

& i interrogate to photographs
"if we stay together are u going to keep breaking my heart?"
the photos always reply the same thing 
"not constantly, but consistently"